MYLES.YOUNG /májlz jə́ŋ/ Creative
I. I’d like to call myself a multifaceted digital creative offering a versatile but focused skill set.
II. When it comes down to it, I love to innovate creative solutions.
Presentation Design

An organized, well-trimmed presentation with a clear story is much more powerful than a bloated one. Maximize your impact and keep your audience engaged.

UX/UI Design

Put the user first! It sounds simple because it is. A little time invested in researching your customers goes a long way. Establishing persona profiles, user pain-points, and looking at the competition can save you from going down the wrong road with your project.

The power of video

A presentation only goes so far. I’ve seen many clients win proposals because they invested time to create a video that pops. Give future clients some bragging rights!


Motion graphics and animations are a great way to stand out. Incorporate movement into your next presentation, website, or video. Prezi, Adobe Edge, and After Effects are great tools to help get the job done quickly.

Happy Clients


Over the years, I’ve been seasoned and conditioned to work under tight deadlines.
Flexible to work late nights to get the results we need.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Leonardo da Vinci

GOOD design is obvious. GREAT design is transparent.

Joe Sparano

The creative adult is the child who survived


I’ve developed a flexible workflow utilizing Smart Objects, Batch Processing, Scripts and other tools. Experience with web design, print, frame-by-frame video touchups and more.


Decks can only say so much without a presenter. Ensure your message is delivered, and give your clients something to remember and share!


Layout and typography are critical tools for achieving that “polished” look. InDesign is a great resource to keep all of your branding assets organized.


Helping make captivating web design less complicated. Basic HTML / CSS knowledge. When working with developers and designers, its great to have a person who can bridge the communication gap to maximize results.

Audition / Ableton Live

Expert audio engineer. Noisy film footage? Does your video need some emotion? I have over eight years of experience cleaning up audio and composing custom jingles.

After Effects

Motion tracking, green-screen, motion graphics, and title card animation. After Effects is becoming a new essential tool to have. Help keep up with the competition by giving your videos that extra shine.


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